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Susan McGalla, a Woman on the Rise

Women are taking the initiative of climbing the ladder in the business world. Some women are now at the top in many careers and fields that they once would not have imagined of dominating. A few are still in the dark about other women breaking gender and stereotypical boundaries to succeed in the business world, especially since unfair pay, lack of women in the industry, and inequality remains rampant. The government and other non-governmental organizations have worked towards eliminating setbacks women face in the workforce.

Some powerful women have pushed through and emerged at the top of the pack in leadership. Women possess characteristics that give them the ability to take up challenging leadership roles. These women are presented top positions in the corporate world as well as branching out to pursue their businesses.

There are many women on the rise today, compared to decades ago when a woman in the corporate sector was close to a rumor. Such women are role models and guides who lead fellow women to the path of success. They have skills necessary for survival in the corporate world such as networking and are trustworthy as well.

A woman on the rise is Susan McGalla who is among the most thriving women in the business community. She has what it takes to get to the top and stay there. She is the head of P3 Executive Consulting LLC., a firm in Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Steelers have her on board as well as the director of strategic planning and growth. The clothing and retail industry has seen her expertise where she has shared and given insight to those who need assistance in marketing, product merchandising, branding, among others.

Starting work from Joseph Horne Company from 1986 to 1994, Susan McGalla climbed the ranks to join American Eagle Outfitters and worked hard to be promoted to chief marketing officer and president of the American Eagle Brand. Equipped with ethics, value, and experience, Wet Seal poached her from her private consultancy, giving her the CEO position, before she branched out to become a consulting expert.

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