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                                 CNN has featured Rona Borre

Former Instant Technology is now Instant Alliance, Rona Borre is the founder and the CEO of the company.It was established way back in 2001, and up to date, the company has been a remarkable success to Rona Borre and her working staff. Her company has been on the frontline since it began due to hard work.


It’s equally important to notice that Rona has great a personality and even furthermore Rona has been selected and given leadership roles in Chicago community organization that is; Young President Organization.Economic Club of Chicago and Chicago network.  Check her page.


Media like USA Today CNBC, CBS 2 Chicago Crain’s Chicago and CNN has featured Rona Borre of recent times due to his hard work and persistence in the business industry. The Bussines Ledger and the National Association of women Business Owners honored Rona as the most influential business woman.  Watch her here on


Of late Rona has been granted an acknowledgment from the Enterprising Woman Magazine as the best enterprising woman who could make a special award to her agency out of the very many accolades. She is also an erudite scholar she obtained her BS from the University of Arizona. As vibrant lady, she has sacrificed her time and maximized her strength to reach up to his goals with passion

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