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Jose Borghi – Highly Respected Advertising and Marketing Professional in Brazil

Jose Borghi is one of the most respected advertising professionals in Brazil and has worked with famous advertising firms such as FCB, Standard Ogilvy, Talent, Leo Burnett, and DM9DDB during his starting years. One of the most prominent and popular ads he created for which he is widely known for is “The Mammals of Parmalat,” which continues to move and touch the heart of millions of people worldwide. Jose Borghi developed a very successful ad campaign for Fiat, which helped the firm to enhance its revenue in Brazil by a considerable margin.

Jose Borghi started his ad agency named Borghi Erh Creative Intelligence along with his friend and colleague for a long time, Erh Ray. Jose Borghi managed to take the firm to great heights in a very short period after starting and even helped get major clients, including some of the top companies in the Fortune 500 list. However, due to increasing competition in the advertising space, Jose Borghi decided to merge Borghi Erh Creative Intelligence with Mullen, and the firm was again joined with Lowe, and the company now operates with the name Mullen Lowe Brazil.

The interest of Jose Borghi started very early in his childhood when he saw some of the ads that won awards at the Cannes Film Festival. These awards inspired him to become an advertising professional, which is why he chose marketing as his subject and graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University. It helped him gain the considerable knowledge in the field of marketing and advertising. His first job at Standard Ogilvy also helped gain significant experience in advertising and learn more about Borghi.

Jose Borghi has won many awards during his lifetime, which includes 16 Abril Awards, 20 Awards at Cannes Film Festival, 15 Awards at New York Film Festival, and more. Jose Borghi continues to be an inspiration to many aspirants in the advertising space and more information click here.

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