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Innovative Banking

In any economy, financial institutions are integral organizations that support its growth. Their service provision transcends big corporations, businesses, and even individuals. Banks are known to provide financing and also depository services to their clients. However, due to their increase in number, the level of competition has also increased. Therefore, to succeed in this field, some banks have customized their services to suit individual needs of their customers. NexBank is in the front line to offer these unique services to its clientele.


NexBank’s President and also Chief Executive Officer in the representation of the institution’s interest participated in the Texas Bankers Association’s panel held in New Orleans. He was up to discuss how community banking can be reinvented and how banks can improve services by use of innovation.


The annual conference provides a platform for advisers, bank leaders and consultants to share their views on the major opportunities and also the challenges experienced by the leading banks in the community. All participants critically analyze the laid down strategic opportunities through organic growth, branching and M&A activity.


NexBank was founded in 1922, and it is located in Dallas, Texas. Its main services revolve around mortgage banking, commercial banking, and other institutional services. Its services are targeted to individuals, real estate investors, corporations, middle-market firms and other financial institutions. The bank has an asset net worth of 4.6 billion dollars, loans of 2.2 billion dollars and deposits of 2.1 billion dollars, which makes it one of the big banks in the country.


Over the years, NexBank has expanded its operations through major acquisitions. It acquired the College Savings Bank of Princeton, which specialized in college savings. NexBank looks to uphold this program under its management aiming at helping the youth with their future education plans. The bank’s profitability, capital levels, liquidity levels and its asset quality has scaled high heights, and this is an indication of its dominance in the sector.

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