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Greg Finch and The Two Most Common Orthopedic Surgeries Performed by Surgeons

Orthopedic surgery is the medical processes dealing with the problems in the skeletons and muscles of the body. Most of the orthopedic surgeons out there have some area of specialty and carry out a few treatment processes to provide relief to the patients. Two of the most common procedures that the orthopedic surgeons during the course of the treatment are joint replacement and shoulder joint replacement. People who are in the last stage of arthritis often need joint replacement surgeries that not only help in reducing the pain but also assist in the movement of the joints. The common area where this surgery is often performed is the knee and the hip.


For those suffering from constant pain in the shoulders has to undergo shoulder joint replacement surgery. In the case of any injury, it is important to opt for total replacement of joint as it is one of the most used joints in the whole body. After the surgery, the pain is greatly reduced, and the motion is restored in the shoulder area in a few days.


Greg Finch is an Australian orthopedic surgeon who specializes in cervical spinal surgery, spinal fusion, lumbar spinal surgery and anterior fusion. For those looking to consult with the best orthopedic surgeons, go to him for advice and their treatment. Greg Finch is associated with many medical associations like the NASS, SSA and the Australian Orthopedic Association. Apart from that, he is also a significant contributor to many non-profit organizations.


Greg Finch has always been serious about his studies and knew exactly what he wanted to be once he grew up. He went to the Royal College Melbourne and the Auckland Medical School for his medical education and training. Greg Finch has also got advanced training in many different countries and keeps up with the latest innovations in the spinal surgery


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