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Avaaz Contributions to Mitigating Climate Change

Climate change has a disastrous effect on humanity. It gets attributed with melting ice caps and change in the seasons that has devastating effects on farmers. Avaaz is a non-profit organization based in the United States. It champions for countries to adopt measures that curb climate change. Additionally, the institution takes part in activism on issues of human rights, corruption, poverty, and conflict. Avaaz is a name that originates from different Middle Eastern and European languages and stands for voice. Symbolically, it got adopted to give people a voice in matters of national interests. Avaaz got launched in 2007 with a mission of organizing citizens across the globe to bridge the gap between the world we live in and the ideal world.

The institution employs an online framework of organizing which allows thousands of individual efforts to rapidly combine and become a strong global voice. Additionally, with the aim or reaching the entire world, the Avaaz community conducts its campaigns in 15 languages. It has distributed its teams in six continents that mobilize volunteers and pass along the information. Through media campaigns, direct actions, emailing, calling, and offline protests, the organization ensures that the views and values of the citizens are taken into consideration when making decisions affecting them.

Today, technology have played a significant role in enhancing Avaaz agendas. New tech has removed constraints that otherwise get required when venturing into new countries. Unlike other organizations with specific networks of national chapters, budget, and decision-making structure, Avaaz has a global team that deals with all matters of global concern. The data then gets transmitted through emails to its members. The funding comes from individual members. No corporate or governmental sponsorship is allowed. The structure of financing insulates them from external forces that may influence their agenda. The institution set their priorities by taking member polls. Active initiatives are then taken to scale. The proposals reaching the full-scale recommendation gets considered, and actions get taken accordingly.

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