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Andrea McWilliams – One Of The Most Influential Lobbyist And Philanthropist Of Texas

One of the most reputed, popular and influential lobbyists and political fundraiser from Texas, Andrea McWilliams serve as active role model and a treasure house of inspiration to many, especially the fairer sex. Her tenacity and work so far have carved her out as a woman who with her profound and thorough understanding of politics, gets every work done efficiently and accurately.


Born in Austin, Texas and getting initiated with humble beginnings, Andrea McWilliams leaves a trailing path of success in Austria, Texas and beyond. A master strategist and master lobbyist, she has a series of successful campaigns under her belt. The Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce acknowledges Andrea McWilliam’s talent and success by hailing her as the ‘consigliere to the powerful and political’.


Andrea McWilliams formed her own company, ‘McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants’ and today, runs it successfully along with her husband. Her company is today regarded as one of the top private government affairs consultancies. Here clientele includes both Republicans as well as Democrats. Her company’s success records speak for themselves and require no testimony.


Andrea McWilliams is also a well know philanthropist. She works actively towards cancer awareness and prevention and is actively associated with reputed bodies like the big Cancer prevention organization, KillCancer, and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. As an honorary chairman of the nationally acclaimed initiative of Mamma Jamma Ride, she helped raised millions to help women fight breast cancer. She also actively contributed to many non-profit organizations like the Rise Across Texas Challenge, Ballet Austin, Texas Lyceum and Austin Children in Crisis.


It is inevitable that a charismatic woman like Andrea McWilliams would receive many awards. One of her most notable awards is the Business Journal’s ‘Profiles in Power Award’ as well as the ‘Woman of Distinction’ award bestowed on her by the Girl Scouts of Central Texas. She continues to set a new benchmark for others to follow.

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