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A Leading Businessman Provides Insights About Key Aspects For Future Growth

Flavio Maluf is a leading businessman in Brazil who is best known for his company Eucatex. This company manufacturers products for use in building and construction. What makes this company unique is the way their products are manufactured. Eucatex uses sustainable materials to create their products in order to retain Brazil’s natural environment. As a leading businessmen, Mr. Maluf is often asked to provide advice about operating a successful business in today’s world. There are many aspects to consider in today’s market, which could improve a company’s growth.


In a recent interview, Mr. Maluf addressed what he considered to be some of the most important sectors in business. Not surprisingly, the number one focus on Mr. Maluf’s list was technology. He believes t is worth the investment to take advantage of the digital world through various platforms and applications. Many office programs are designed to streamline administration processes. Another important aspect of business, which is often overlooked is today’s youth. Young people who are often referred to as millennials, are the new breed of customer. Businesses can increase their growth potential by marketing to this new generation of customers.


As a well-established leader in the business world, Flavio Maluf also thinks it is important for a company to provide flexibility in the way it conducts business. Today’s technology makes it possible for more companies to offer employees the ability to work remotely. In the upcoming year, Mr. Maluf sees the potential for businesses to train new employees through remote locations. He also sees a big push toward E-commerce ventures. The ease of access people have through their mobile devices has placed a greater demand on electronic commerce through the use of Internet applications. Once viewed as a niche market, a recent study showed online customers were willing to purchase more items in order to obtain the purchase requirement for free shipping.


Flavio Maluf also addresses the aspect of using sustainable resources, which he personally believes is more than just a good business move. More people are becoming aware of the impact their actions have on the environment, which is why more companies are offering Eco-friendly products and packaging.


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