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10 Easy Ways to Style Your Hair

For healthy hair ensure you are getting enough of the right nutrients. Sugarbear is a vitamin designed for stunningly beautiful and shiny hair.


Keep your brushes clean. Comb out all old hair. Shampoo your brush. Pay attention to scrubbing the brush base so that you remove old oil. Dry your brush with a towel.


Use a dryer sheet to make your hair smell great. Punch the sheet through your brush bristles. This also tames frizz.


To make your hair appear longer in a ponytail: place your ponytail up high but leave the under half of your hair to make another ponytail low. Hide the low ponytail by teasing it or using spray.


Make a hair mask for a deep condition: melt 2 teaspoons of coconut oil. Spread through your hair with a basting brush. Brush through your hair evenly. Let sit for 30 minutes then wash.


Drying your hair with a towel is not good for hair health. Instead, wring hair out in shower and pat dry with a T-shirt.


To smooth fly away hair, spray hairspray on a powder brush and run through hair. To tame baby hair use a tooth brush, brush hair towards ponytail.


To trim hair at home use a sharp pair of hair scissors, twist hair and snip the little hairs that stick out.


For a quick curling job, put hair in a high ponytail and separate hair into 3-4 sections, use a big barrel curling iron, then take pony out.


Use dry shampoo in between washes. Apply before bed. This allows the powder to fully absorb all the oil.


Do not wear pony holders to bed, instead use an old pair of nylons and cut bands. If going to bed with braids make your braids loose and sleep on a satin pillow.



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